U.S. FLOW Tour

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The U.S. FLOW Tour is part of the worldwide FLOW Tour (Flowboarding League of the World). As mentioned on our FLOW Tour Description page, it is one of three continental tours that takes place each year, the others being Asia and Europe.

Below we provide the schedules and divisional winners. As noted on previous pages, this tour provides fun opportunities for ALL AGES and SKILL LEVELS. It is a great opportunity to compete and build friendships.


2016 U.S. Event Schedule


Image Source: US FLOW Tour

Image Source: US FLOW Tour

2015 North American Event Schedule

USA FLOW Tour Champions

Winners of Each Division - 2016 & 2015
YearWave TypeDivisionAthleteState, Country
2016FlowRiderMen's Pro FlowboardBrad SpencerUSA
2016FlowRiderWomen's Pro FlowboardDee DanielsUtah, USA
2016FlowRiderMen's Pro BodyboardNick SanchezFlorida, USA
2016FlowRiderMen's Amateur FlowboardLogan LindemanUtah, USA
2016FlowRiderMen's Amateur BodyboardYanni MefsoutisTexas, USA
2016FlowRiderWomen's Amateur FlowboardNicole CantalupoSouth Carolina, USA
2016FlowRiderMaster's (35+) FlowboardMatt ChipmanUtah, USA
2016FlowRiderMaster's (35+) BodyboardCory WoodsPA, USA
2016FlowRiderJunior (13-17) FlowboardKade CoxCanada
2016FlowRiderJunior (13-17) BodyboardJoel StevensFlorida, USA
2016FlowRiderYouth (12U) FlowboardNoah NelsonNew Jersey, USA
2016FlowRiderYouth (12U) BodyboardBrandon MarksSouth Carolina, USA
2015FlowRiderMen's Pro FlowboardBrad SpencerUtah, USA
2015FlowRiderWomen's Pro FlowboardDee DanielsUtah, USA
2015FlowRiderMen's Pro BodyboardNick SanchezFlorida, USA
2015FlowRiderWomen's Pro BodyboardDee DanielsUtah, USA
2015FlowRiderMen's Amateur Flowboard Matt EastFlorida, USA
2015FlowRiderMen's Amateur BodyboardJordan GriggNew Jersey, USA
2015FlowRiderWomen's Amateur FlowboardMarie-Ève RoubilCanada
2015FlowRiderMaster's (35+) FlowboardMatt ChipmanUtah, USA
2015FlowRiderMaster's (35+) BodyboardJennifer NesselrodeVenezuela
2015FlowRiderJunior (13-17) FlowboardLogan LindemanUtah, USA
2015FlowRiderJunior (13-17) BodyboardJoel StevensFlorida, USA
2015FlowRiderYouth (12U) OverallNoah NelsonNew Jersey, USA


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