Image Source: European FLOW Tour

Image Source: European FLOW Tour

European FLOW Tour

NOTE: We are not the official European FLOW Tour page.  Please check the official page (see below) for official information and updates.  We will try to stay up to date, but this is not real-time.


Check out the Euro FLOW Tour page for more information:

The Euro FLOW Tour is part of the worldwide FLOW Tour (Flowboarding League of the World). As mentioned on our FLOW Tour Description page, it is one of three continental tours that takes place each year, the others being Asia and North America.

You can check our EVENT Calendar page to see an unofficial calendar of upcoming events.

2016 European Championships



2015 European Championships

Image Source: European Flow Tour

Image Source: European Flow Tour


Results of the 2015 European Championships in October 2015:

Men’s Flowboard:
1st Tim Van Dortmont
2nd Quincy Vlijtig
3rd  Chris Forsdike
4th Sam Atkins

Women’s Flowboard:
1st Leanna Crowley
2nd Millie Clark
3rd Irina
4th Danni Groppe

1st Sam Powell
2nd Adam Wildman
3rd Sam Atkins
4th Michael Norman

1st Sam Curl
2nd Millie Clark
3rd Jackob Chromicky
4th Sam Atkins


Here is a cool video of the European Championships.  (Credit: ‘spuzfozzy’)



There were other competitions this year leading up to the European Championships.  We will post a flyer/schedule if we can find one.


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