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The Asia FLOW Tour is part of the worldwide FLOW Tour (Flowboarding League of the World). As mentioned on our FLOW Tour Description page, it is one of three continental tours that takes place each year, the others being North America and Europe.


2016 Event Schedule

Image Source: FLOW Asia

Image Source: FLOW Asia

2015 Event Schedule

Results from the Asia Championships in October 2015:

Mens PRO Flowboard: Nazri Salim
Mixed PRO Bodyboard: Nazri Salim
Womens PRO Flowboard: Annisa Flynn

Juniors Bodyboard
1st: Pipat Kancha
2nd: Kobe
3rd: Patchara

Juniors Flowboard
1st: Isara Singto
2nd: Mads Hovden
3rd: Alysha Rizwan

Women’s Open Flowboard
1st: Bobbie Wang
2nd: Melissa Kamil
3rd: Alysha Rizwan

Mixed Open Bodyboard
1st: Ismaizal Ismail
2nd: Kultawat (Hun)
3rd: Megat Ritzrin

Men’s Open Flowboard
1st: Tamrongsak (It)
2nd: Elan Nicol
3rd: Ridhwan Salleh

Women’s Pro Flowboard
1st: Annisa Flynn (Team Thailand)
2nd: Deena Adam (Team Singapore)
3rd: June Pitha

Mixed Pro Bodyboard
1st: Nazri Salim (Team Thailand)
2nd: Firdaus Sajan (Team Malaysia)
3rd: Junjao Mongkol

Men’s Pro Flowboard
1st: Nazri Salim
2nd: Siva O (Team Thailand)
3rd: Victor Salmon

Best Trick
1st: Folk Adithep (ARS one hander Nozzle Stall)
2nd: Victor Salmon (Frontside Kickflip)
3rd: Fadz Kamarolah (Frontside Shuvit Late Flip)

Best Team
1st: Team Thailand
2nd: Team Singapore
3rd: Team Korea


Here are some good videos of the Asia Championships (credit: ‘Game of Flow’):




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