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Explanaton from the official FLOW Tour page:

  • ”The FLOW Tour is flowboarding’s premier competitive tour featuring some of the world’s best riders. Tours are held in Asia, Europe, & USA. Considered to be the grass roots of flowboarding, the FLOW Tour provides a platform for riders to enter competitions at any level and learn the fundamentals in route to the top.”
  • “FLOW Tour is open to everyone – all ages and skill levels are encouraged participate in the contest. “The Tour allows friends, families and even fellow rivals to travel to extraordinary destinations, progress their riding, and build everlasting and meaningful relationships all over the globe” said Adam Muller, FLOW Events & Sport Marketing Coordinator.”

The FLOW Tour takes place on three continents.  It has been in place for several years and popularity is growing.

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • U.S. (United States)
  • World Flowboarding Championships

Each year the tours on each continent host multiple events and determine their tour champions in each professional division. This leads to the World Flowboarding Championships each November.  There are separate FlowRider and FlowBarrel championships.

Besides many of the best professional riders in the world competing on the FLOW Tour, the events also have amateur divisions for all ages (Youth, Junior, Men’s, Women’s, and Masters). It is a great experience for people of any age and any skill level! There is a close bond in the flowboarding community and these events are truly entertaining.

We also have specific pages about each of the continental tours. We recommend you check them out to get more insight!!

FlowBlogger – U.S. FLOW Tour FlowBlogger – Asia FLOW Tour FlowBlogger – European FLOW Tour

2016 World Flowboarding Championships (FlowRider & FlowBarrel)



2015 World Flowboarding Championships (FlowRider)


Here is a good recap of the FlowRider World Championships from flowrider.com:  FlowRider Recap of WCs

Current Flowboarding World Champions

YearTourWave typeDivisionAthleteCountry
2015World Flowboarding ChampionshipsFlowRiderWomen's Pro BodyboardMelanie KellyAustralia
2015World Flowboarding ChampionshipsFlowRiderWomen's Pro FlowboardDee SpencerUSA
2015World Flowboarding ChampionshipsFlowRiderMen's Pro BodyboardNick SanchezUSA
2015World Flowboarding ChampionshipsFlowRiderMen's Pro FlowboardJake ChipmanUSA
2015World Flowboarding ChampionshipsFlowBarrelWomen's Pro Flowboard - StraplessXana NashUSA
2015World Flowboarding ChampionshipsFlowBarrelWomen's Pro Flowboard - StrappedJennifer MauerhoferUAE
2015World Flowboarding ChampionshipsFlowBarrelMen's Pro Bodyboard - ProneBilly TennantSouth Africa
2015World Flowboarding ChampionshipsFlowBarrelMen's Pro Bodyboard - DropkneeBilly TennantSouth Africa
2015World Flowboarding ChampionshipsFlowBarrelMen's Pro Flowboard - StraplessEric SilvermanUSA
2015World Flowboarding ChampionshipsFlowBarrelMen's Pro Flowboard - StrappedEric SilvermanUSA
2015World Flowboarding ChampionshipsFlowRiderTeamUSAUSA
2015World Flowboarding ChampionshipsFlowBarrelTeamUAEUAE


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