Competitive Flowboarding Tours

Image Source: Flowboarders

Image Source: Flowboarders

The growing sport of flowboarding has competitive tours available for all ages.  Various competitions take place at local, national, and international levels.  There are competitive tours that have been taking place for several years. They are growing and the competition level is getting more and more impressive.

The most popular national and international tours will be covered on this site. If others are brought to our attention, we will provide information on them as well.

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Competitions have different divisions to allow for a variety of riders (it can vary).  Each division often offers separate “Bodyboard” and “Flowboard” (aka “Stand Up”) divisions.

For example, below is a common USA FLOW Tour divisional breakdown. 

  • Youth (12 & under)
  • Junior (ages 13-17)
  • Masters (age 35+)
  • Women’s Amateur
  • Men’s Amateur
  • Women’s Professional
  • Men’s Professional

For most competitions, each division is divided into heats depending on the number of competitors. Heats usually consist of 3-5 riders. Each rider has three runs of 30-40 seconds to show his/her skills. Judges score each rider to determine who advances to the next round. This continues until there is a finals heat for each division. Awards are usually given for each place in the finals heat.


Specific Tours

1. FLOW Tour (Flowboarding League Of the World)

For in-depth information regarding the FLOW Tour, check out the FLOWBOARDERS site:


Notes from the official FLOW Tour page:

  • ”The FLOW Tour is flowboarding’s premier competitive tour featuring some of the world’s best riders. Tours are held in Asia, Europe, & USA. Considered to be the grass roots of flowboarding, the FLOW Tour provides a platform for riders to enter competitions at any level and learn the fundamentals in route to the top.”
  • “FLOW Tour is open to everyone – all ages and skill levels are encouraged participate in the contest. “The Tour allows friends, families and even fellow rivals to travel to extraordinary destinations, progress their riding, and build everlasting and meaningful relationships all over the globe” said Adam Muller, FLOW Events & Sport Marketing Coordinator.”

Check out respective Facebook sites for a wealth of information:

  • Most events take place April – October leading up to world championships.
  • World Championships usually take place in November. Hosting locations/countries vary from year to year.
  • The FLOW Tour takes place on the FlowRider  FlowRider Double
  • There are over 150 FlowRiders in the world and several events take place each year.


2. Pro/Am Flow Series Tour

Image Source: Pro/Am Flow Series

Image Source: Pro/Am Flow Series

    • Notes from the official Pro/Am Flow Series Facebook Page   Pro Am Flow Series Site
      • “The 2015 Pro/Am Flow Series presented by WhiteWater is a cross country FlowRider competition with cash prizes and tons of gear for participants!”
    • This is a USA-based tour.
    • The events take place at FlowRider venues.
    • Most events take place April – September.
    • This is similar to and a partner of the FLOW Tour, but tends to have more of a regional local focus.  Some competitors do travel for these events.


3. FlowBarrel Events

Image Source: Flowboarders

Image Source: Flowboarders

  • There are several FlowBarrel events that take place each year.
  • They take place on FlowRider’s FlowBarrel wave: FlowBarrel
  • Respective national/continental championships usually take place June – October leading up to world championships around November.
  • There are not as many FlowBarrel venues as compared to FlowRiders so this tour has fewer events. However it is a very exciting and picturesque environment. The athletes are amazing and the competitions are quite a sight to see!


For more information about each tour, please see our respective pages.

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