Flowboarding Venues

This page displays known flowboarding venues.  This will be updated as we learn of changes.

Other sites that contain detailed information:


  • This is not a real-time list and there may be inaccuracies.  Locations might open or close without our knowledge.  We will review periodically and try to keep up.
  • Some venues vary in rules such as allowing stand up, tricks allowed, and members/guests-only.  Please validate address and rules with a venue ahead of time to prevent any confusion. 
  • Use this as a general guideline, but be aware that some X-Y coordinates may not be 100% accurate…..especially non-USA locations.

Please let us know of any discrepancies:

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Other Useful Flow Venue Pages

Check them out! Plenty of useful information.
Page OwnerLinkComments
Flow Househttp://flowhouse.com/Has a map of all Flow House locations.
FLOWBOARDERS.comhttp://www.flowboarders.com/locations/Great site with plenty of various flowboarding info!
FlowRiderhttp://www.flowrider.com/installations/FlowRider's official page


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