What is Flowboarding?

Flowboarding is a board sport that involves riding on an artificial “sheet wave”. The sheet of water is roughly three inches thick and moves toward the rider at 20-30 miles per hour. Riders can use either a flowboard to ride standing up or a bodyboard to ride prone or on knees. There are over 150 locations worldwide where one can enjoy the sport. The venues include waterparks, cruise ships, resorts, community centers, and businesses. It can be enjoyed by inexperienced casual riders or by experienced competitors. Flowboarding is quite progressive and riders can continue to learn more complex tricks to no limit.

Image Source: FlowBlogger.com

Image Source: FlowBlogger.com

It is relatively easy to learn to ride prone in a basic manner on a bodyboard. Riding “Stand Up” on a flowboard tends to be more difficult for most people and takes some time to learn.  Many compare the “Stand Up” feel as a mixture of skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing.  There is a growing number of serious riders throughout the world and the popularity is increasing! If you have not tried it, we suggest to find a wave nearby and check it out. You will not be disappointed! If you have tried it……….well………….then we know you love it.

Image Source: FlowBlogger.com

Image Source: FlowBlogger.com

See our “Flow Venues” page for locations where you can ride: Flow Venues

Types / Brands of Sheet Waves

There are different brands and styles of artificial sheet waves. The FlowRider is the most common globally, but at least one other company is rolling out similar products.  See videos below for examples of each product.


  • FlowRider

    • FlowRider (Single, Double, Mobile)
    • FlowBarrel (5-foot, 10-foot, Double)
    • WaveOz (180 degree)


Examples of Each Wave Type

FlowRider Safety Video

See the FlowRider Safety Video.  It explains the basics of riding and has great safety advice.

The FlowBarrel

An exciting video of professional flowboarder Eric Silverman competing in the FlowBarrel World Championships.  He has won several world titles (including again in November 2015).

WaveOz !

This amazing wave just opened in October 2015.  Wow!  Check it out.  There is currently only one (in Brazil).


Pacific Surf Designs makes this.  Some of our Flow Dog, Aussie, and Texas friends are riding in this video.

ProFlow HalfPipe

We are not aware of an installation of the ProFlow HalfPipe, but here is a video of a prototype.  If we find one, we will post it here.


See the SuperTube Safety Video.  It explains the basics of riding and has great safety advice.


A great video by professional flowboarder Austyn Victoria: “What is Flowboarding?”.  Inspirational.  Spend 12 minutes and watch it all.

“Open Your Mind – Flowboarding”

An insightful video with one of the all time best Flowboarders: Sean Silveira

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