Interview with Flowboarder Mike “Pappy” Pappalardo
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Interview with Flowboarder Mike “Pappy” Pappalardo

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Interview with Flowboarder Mike “Pappy” Pappalardo

We are excited to share a recent interview with Flowboarder Mike “Pappy” Pappalardo!  He is a highly active member of the flowboarding community who has traveled the world with the ...

We are excited to share a recent interview with Flowboarder Mike “Pappy” Pappalardo!  He is a highly active member of the flowboarding community who has traveled the world with the sport.  He is founder of the famous Flow Dogs, who travel across the USA each year to visit and compete at many venues.  Mike gives his heart and soul to the sport and has some cool stories to share.  We hope you enjoy!

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Name: Michael Pappalardo

Nickname: ”MP” ”Pappy” “ Enforcer” “ Flow Dog”  AAArrrrooooo!

About You: I am a life loving, mountain riding, water flowing, air flying, motor racing, adrenaline junkie gypsy always looking for the next big thrill. Did I say Type A?

Home Country: Methuen, Massachusetts USA

Current Location: Jay, Vermont/ Saint Johnsbury, Vermont

Home Wave(s):

  • Jay Peak Resort/  Pump House Water Park  Jay, Vermont
  • Wildwood NJ,
  • Queensbury, NY ,
  • Former Fantasy Surf.
  • All for vacation Practice


Sponsor(s): I support all makes and models of Flowboards, Venues, Gear, and even Athletes. I try to look at myself as a Flow Dogs Sponsor and support the growth of upcoming athletes.

Age: Masters age, almost Legends Age of 50. I feel good at 49 and holding!

Flowboarding Specialty: Flowboarding is my passion, but barrel is an addiction. I will ride Bodyboard , but it just hurts. I feel I would rather work on my skills of stand up riding while I can still stand up. There will be plenty of time to lay down when I’m older.

Years Flowboarding: I have been Flowboarding since 2011, Been a long strange trip so far.

Accomplishments: Family, Wife Tanya Married 25 years. Son Casey Pappalardo 21 years old, Twin Daughters Alli and Tori Pappalardo 19 years old. Owner and CEO of several businesses including MEI Electrical Contractors, Awards in sailing, snowboarding, Quad racing, Ski racing, and Masters Flowboarding. Licensed Masters of Electrical in MA,NH,VT,RI,NY and Maine.

Other Sports / Hobbies: Camping, NASCAR, Four wheeling, Snowboarding, traveling.

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FlowBlogger: Hi Mike.  Thanks for meeting with us!  You are a highly active member of the flowboarding community and a darn good rider.  Please tell us how you got started in this great sport.

MIKE: I was the Electrical designer of the Jay Vermont Pump House water park. I was introduced to Sean Silvera and Nick Nguyen at the startup of the wave. I was lucky enough to get a lesson from the best. This is where my addiction started.

FlowBlogger: What does Flowboarding mean to you?

MIKE: Flowboarding is complete freedom of stress, it’s you and the wave. Nothing else matters. Total adrenaline high when you land the trick you were smashing your body learning. I love to see the families standing side by side in line awaiting their own destiny.


FlowBlogger: What is it like competing in the FLOW Tour Master’s division?  There seems to be a special bond there.

MIKE: When you ride with the older guys and gals, we are just friends. I find it refreshing to know others my age with the same addiction. We all have allowed this as part of our lives along with family, work, and personal responsibilities. We are hoping one day the Master’s will be able to represent our own countries at the World Championships.

FlowBlogger: You are the leader of the pack of the famous “Flow Dogs”.  We have had the pleasure of meeting you all a few times, including at our home wave in South Carolina.  How did the Dogs get started?


MIKE: Flow Dogs were started as a group of riders at Jay that were being treated like animals. Every day we would show to a new rule on the Flow designed to get us kicked out of the park. Eventually we called our flow the Dog House. A place where all shapes and breeds of people gathered to ride together as a group of Flow Dogs. Kinda like the Black Sheep of the Sport. Our mission is to teach lifeguards and instructors the proper way to teach and allow athletic expression with safety in mind. Wave awareness as we ride tandem and teach out on the wave side by side. “ Dog House Rules”


FlowBlogger: The Flow Dog bus, also known as the “Pappy Bus” has been all over the USA visiting many venues.  I bet you all have had some great times, huh?

MIKE: Flow Tour 2015- “6 weeks on the road”, 2 Aussies, 2 Canadians, 2 Cali boys, 2 Jersey guys, 1 Floridian, 1 Texan, 1 Ohio Autistic Body Boarder, and Thomas the Canadian Bus Driver. 6,700 miles, 13 different flows including the private Pacific Surf in Texas and the new FlowRider at Planet Hollywood. FlowBarrel in San Diego and Blow up portable in Texas. Triples in Utah, Virginia, and Ohio. Indoor Salt water, Outdoor Community Center. We have lots of great memories. Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Rushmore, Corvette Museum, Mammoth Caves and Zip Lines. Too much fun to express. Life lived!

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FlowBlogger: You have also traveled internationally a few times to visit foreign flowboarding venues.  Please share!


MIKE: I have been fortunate to be able to flow and snowboard all over world. Abu Dhabi for World’s, Singapore, and Australia to spread the word of flow love and visit my fellow Ash Reps at the time. These trips were a promise to my friends to visit their homes and venues. I am lucky to have such hosts. Rid & Haz, Boyde, Nick, Paul, Tracy, Dale, Fabian, and Samir. Also the crew at the Sentosa Wavehouse.  Khalifa, my friend in Dubai and fellow master Johnathon Root. I always look forward to travelling and meeting new Flow Dogs around the world!

2014 World's Championships Nov Abu Dhabi 1401

FlowBlogger: What challenges have you faced to get to this point in your flowboarding career?

MIKE: The challenge I see is growing a sport out of an attraction. Personally I try to show what it takes to train and commit to the sport.

FlowBlogger: When it comes to flowboarding, what keeps you motivated?

MIKE: The physical fitness and the new riders experiencing the sport for the first time. I have watched talent exceed their own goals with a little help and direction.  I enjoy being that Coach that the younger riders need. #Flowdogs4life

FlowBlogger: Please share an amazing memory you have from the sport.

MIKE: My daughter Alli got 3 -10s in a contest perfect score. Gold medal. I was a proud dad!


FlowBlogger: What was the best flowboarding advice you were ever given?

MIKE: Before you do your shuvit Brad Spencer “ Wait” then pop! Let the water build up. Before that I smashed my feet bloody. It was a great moment to land my 1st Shuv.

FlowBlogger: Where do you hope to see flowboarding five years from now?

MIKE: Master’s and Youth along with Pro World Championships. Legends Class 50 and over for us older riders. 🙂

FlowBlogger: Do you have any advice for others who will see this?

MIKE: Flow is like life. Just do it till it hurts, learn from bad moves, and never give up. Stay positive! Travel, meet other flow dogs and learn from the network.


FlowBlogger: Mike, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us.  We look forward to seeing you throughout the FLOW Tour season!  Any final comments?

MIKE: Todd, Thank you for reporting on our sport. I am very proud to know most of the top riders in the sport. I have regrets and hope that I am forgiven for the stupid things that come out of my mouth somedays. I am a better person because of the positive energy I get from my fellow riders and Flow Dogs. I will help any way I can, keep it real and peaceful.

Flow Dog Enforcer

MP Mike Pappy 🙂

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