Interview with Alex Ordorica – Mexican Flowboarder

Interview with Alex Ordorica – Mexican Flowboarder

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Interview with Alex Ordorica – Mexican Flowboarder

FlowBlogger is excited to present an interview with Mexican Flowboarder Alex Ordorica.  Alex is an up and coming star from Mexico where the flowboarding scene is somewhat quiet but ...

FlowBlogger is excited to present an interview with Mexican Flowboarder Alex Ordorica.  Alex is an up and coming star from Mexico where the flowboarding scene is somewhat quiet but growing.  We expect to see good things from Alex in the future including making a name for himself on the FLOW Tour.  He adds interesting insight below.  Enjoy!




Name: Alejandro Ordorica

Nickname: Alex

About You: I´m a Mexican flowboarder about to finish highschool with a big passion for the sport!

Home Country: Jalisco, México

Current Location: Guadalajara

Home Wave: Punto Surf

Sponsor(s): none

Age: 17

Flowboarding Specialty: Flowboard

Years Flowboarding: 2 and a half years

Accomplishments: 1st place on Male pro división on Summer Comp at Punto Surf, México


Other Sports / Hobbies: skateboarding, skimboarding, hiking and other outdoor sports

Social Media Pages:



FlowBlogger: Hi Alex.  Thanks for meeting with us!  You are an up and coming star out of Punto Surf in Mexico.  Please tell us how you got started in this great sport.

ALEX: Hi, thanks for having me, I’m stoked to do this interview. About 3 years ago Punto Surf opened, I went to try it for the first time and I got really hooked on it so I kept going until I got a job there as an instructor. Since then I´ve been riding about 3-4 times a week.

FlowBlogger: Please tell us about the growing flowboarding scene in Mexico.  Have you been to other venues there?

ALEX: Flowboarding in Mexico is not as big as the US, because it’s really new all though is growing fast with more venues and riders! We have currently 5 venues but I’ve only been in Punto Surf.


FlowBlogger: What does Flowboarding mean to you?

ALEX: It means the world to me, I think is a great sport full with opportunities to meet new people, make friends and travel around the globe.

FlowBlogger: You recently spent time riding in Canada.  How cool was that?

ALEX: It was the best trip I’ve ever had, It’s super cool to know people that feel the same way about Flowriding as you. It is the first time I travel with the sport and I had a really good time up there.


FlowBlogger: What challenges have you faced to get to this point in your flowboarding career?

ALEX: The biggest challenge is that in México it’s a new sport so you don´t have competitions, sponsors or people that support new riders. Also there is few venues and they’re not really interested in growing the sport.

FlowBlogger: What would be your dream job?

ALEX: It would be to own a Flowrider so that I can help growing the sport in México.

FlowBlogger: When it comes to flowboarding, what keeps you motivated?

ALEX: I would say that the feeling of accomplishment every time I learn a new trick, and also meeting new people.

FlowBlogger: Do you plan to compete on the FLOW Tour in the future?

ALEX: Yes of course, that would be a dream come true!

FlowBlogger: Please share an amazing memory you have from the sport.

ALEX: The day I won the Summer Comp at Punto Surf. I was pretty nervous that day, but I told to myself just to enjoy each run and have fun with everyone.


FlowBlogger: What was the best flowboarding advice you were ever given?

ALEX: To do what you love no matter what, keep practicing, pushing yourself and never give up.

FlowBlogger: Where do you hope to see flowboarding five years from now?

ALEX: I’d like to see it as a growing sport in México with our own Flow tour, more venues and more Mexican riders being part of international competitions.

FlowBlogger: Do you have any advice for others who will see this?

ALEX: Have fun riding, and never give up no matter what other people say.

FlowBlogger: Alex, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us.  Do you have any final comments to share?

ALEX: Thanks for the opportinity! I really enjoyed this.


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