Interview With Adam Muller – FLOW Tour Director
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Interview With Adam Muller – FLOW Tour Director

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Interview With Adam Muller – FLOW Tour Director

He is a legend in his own time!  FlowBlogger is very excited to share a recent interview with 'The Guy behind the FLOW Tour', Adam Muller!  The 2016 US FLOW Tour season starts this ...

He is a legend in his own time!  FlowBlogger is very excited to share a recent interview with ‘The Guy behind the FLOW Tour‘, Adam Muller!  The 2016 US FLOW Tour season starts this weekend and Adam provides some great insight to the sport.  Adam is popular worldwide within the sport of flowboarding and is likely the hardest working person in the business.  He travels around the globe to organize and promote this great sport.  His passion and desire to grow flowboarding is second to none.  He is also an accomplished athlete himself.  We hope you enjoy!


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Name: Adam Muller

Nickname: Depends who you ask.  Most people just know me as the FLOW Tour Director but if you ask my close friends you could get a variety of answers.

Occupation: FLOW Events & Sport Marketing for FlowRider Inc

About You: An energetic Floridian with an extensive background in competitive surfing and sports. A graduate of Flagler College with a Sports Marketing degree.  I’ve directed surf camps, executed sporting events, and managed athletes and the Fantasy Surf Flowrider venue in Orlando, FL.

Recently found my way west to further promote the sport of flowboarding and surf my brains out.

Adam M surfing 2

Adam M Flowboard

Home Country: Florida, USA

Current Home Location: San Diego, California

Home Wave(s): WaveHouse San Diego, Fantasy Surf

Age: Older than I look

Years Involved in Flowboarding: 5

Accomplishments: My actions speak for themselves.

Other Sports / Hobbies: Surfing, Sports, Hiking

Web Site / Social Media Pages:



FlowBlogger: Hi Adam.  Man, what a pleasure to be interviewing you!  Many people around the world know you as ‘the Guy behind the FLOW Tour’.  Please tell us about your high-paced but amazing job.

ADAM: Hey guys! Yeah, that’s me, the man behind the Tour.

I don’t know where to start…

I love my job, it’s what I have been working towards for several years. It is truly a blessing to be so heavily involved with the sport of flowboarding. Every day I get excited to help this sport grow.

Many people don’t know that I packed up my life and drove directly across the country, 36 hours straight (FL to CA), when I accepted the position.

I had less than two weeks to pay off rent, move out and find a new place to live on the west coast before the 2014 FLOW Tour. Once the FLOW Tour started, I was on the road and it hasn’t seemed to slow down since.

It was chaotic but I had some help from friends and it was well worth it.  I starting to settle in, 2 years later.

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FlowBlogger: You have traveled the world several times with the sport.  How cool is that?!

ADAM: It is a blessing and I appreciate every trip I take. Growing up, all I wanted to do was travel, in search for the perfect waves. Most the time I couldn’t afford it.

It is super cool to travel, meet new people, and take in other cultures. Sometimes it is a bit mind blowing.

Now, although some of the trips I take are landlocked, I am grateful for the experience.  No matter where I go, the perfect wave is there, thanks to FlowRider.

FlowBlogger: We’ve seen a few videos.  You are a pretty good flowboarder and surfer, huh?

ADAM: Thanks! Surfing is my background. I was a sponsored and competitive surfer through college. Flowboarding came after college, when I took the job at Fantasy Surf.

Adam M Surfing

It was tricky to learn as a surfer.  I remember Brad Spencer calling me out, saying “Forget everything you know about surfing.”

Once I got the hang of flowboarding, I was lucky enough to be able to learn from the best in sport every day. Sean Silveira, Nick Nguyen. Brad Spencer, Chuck Wright, Vanessa Arroyo… all the OG’s, just to name a few. Shout out to all the flowboarders who rode at Fantasy Surf!


FlowBlogger: Your efforts help to provide an atmosphere that gives visibility to others.   Do you have any claim(s) to fame you wish to share?

ADAM: Claims to fame? I just live my life and try to keep to myself. But along the way I’ve been on MTV a few times (high school pranks), I broke my high school 5k Cross Country Record, trained with the Olympic Develop Soccer Team, won East Coast and Collegiate surf titles and even took first place in a few flowboarding contests!

FlowBlogger: You are heavily involved with the recent launch of the terrific web site .  It will be great for the sport!  Can you share some insight about it?

ADAM: It has finally launched and is LIVE for the world to see. This project has been on the back burner for 4 years, way before I started working at FlowRider. When I came aboard, it became my mission to get the site up! It’s a huge step for our sport.

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It’s meant to be an all-inclusive hub for the sport of flowboarding and the site is user driven.

Flowboarding may be the fastest growing sport that nobody has ever even heard of… but will change that, we just need to get our flow community behind it.

The idea here is to work our way towards main stream media and sports. Showing the world that flowboarders all over the globe have serious skill sets, talents and passion.

I strongly encourage people to create rider profiles, participate in the voting polls, upload their own content and stay social. The more we all work together, the bigger force we become and the sponsors and media will follow!

FlowBlogger: You are also involved with  They have some cool products.  Anything you want to mention about it?

ADAM: is another step in the right direction for our sport and attraction. Just like any other sport or hobby, once you start to get into it, you want to invest in it. No one enjoys sharing a board with the next person in line… so we made it easy to get your own!

Rob Chalfant does a great job with the boards, merchandise, etc. He is always experimenting with new shapes, sizes, and materials.

Check out the site and gear up!

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FlowBlogger: Not including what you do now, what would be your dream job?

ADAM: I would love to move to an exotic destination and just live under the radar. If I could teach people how to surf, flowboard, or just be a positive influence in a better cause, that would be it.

FlowBlogger: Most of us who compete show up, ride, have fun, and leave.  Many likely do not fully appreciate all you do behind the scenes.  Are there any pain points or advice to the flow community you would like to share?

ADAM: Thanks, I appreciate it when people take notice because it is a $h!t lot of work to plan 20+ events, communicate with 20+ venues and to keep growing the sport. You just opened a big can of worms.

You are right though, some people just show up, ride and leave. I would really like to see riders appreciate the sponsors, venues, and communities more. Whether it is on social media, during the events, or online. Help support those supporting you… share/like social media posts, participate in the onsite activities, and leave positive comments on Trip Advisor, Facebook Profiles, and anywhere we can!  If we don’t show interest in them, they will fade out and so will our sport.

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FlowBlogger: Please share an amazing memory you have from your experiences.

ADAM: I have so many amazing memories thanks to the people I meet along the way. The best part is creating the friendships that last a lifetime… it wouldn’t be fair to only share one. I’m equally stoked on all of them and looking forward to creating more.

FlowBlogger: We’re sure your job is exhausting at times.  What keeps you motivated when you are worn out?

ADAM: I am passionate about flowboarding.

I grew up right on the ocean.  When I moved to Orlando I was landlocked and couldn’t surf daily, Ocean was 2 hours away… Flowboarding gave me that aqua fix that I needed and there are FlowRiders all around the world in places you can’t even imagine… but it bring that stoke to so many people, and I experienced it firsthand…just trying to give that back to anyone willing to try the ride.

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FlowBlogger: What was the best advice you were ever given relating to the sport?

ADAM: “Forget everything you know about surfing” – Brad Spencer

FlowBlogger: Where do you hope to see flowboarding five years from now?

ADAM: In every state, on every continent, in main stream media, and recognized as a sport on an international level.

FlowBlogger: Speaking for ourselves and likely others, we want to thank you and the FLOW Tour for providing an atmosphere that has improved and changed peoples’ lives. Do you have any advice for others who will see this?

ADAM: Much appreciated…Happy to know it is affecting other for the better.

If you read this, create a rider profile on and encourage others to do the same. In addition, take someone flowboarding the next time you go.  Let’s grow the sport together!

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FlowBlogger: Adam, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us.  Please keep up the amazing work!

ADAM: My pleasure! Anything to help support those supporting flowboarding. I look forward to seeing everyone on the wave this summer!

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Flowboarders is a premier organization promoting the sport of Flowboarding. Check them out for a plethora of information!


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  1. ReplyBone T n Harmony
    I am interested in giving this sport a chance. It looks fun and competitive and I have always wanted to surf, but live too far from a beach with good waves I order to do so. Flowboarding seems accessible, fun and fast-growing. I would like a suggestion from riders, based on opinion and first-hand knowledge of the sport and the products/boards out there on the market; which will help me decide what to buy. Please advise and help me - thank you
    • ReplyFlowblogger
      Hi Bone T. Thanks for the comment. My first advice is to find a wave nearby and give it a try. Here is a page you can use to locate a place: You can try it and see how you like it. You may know you can use both bodyboard and/or a stand-up board (aka flowboard). Some venues vary on what they allow. Here are some other pages we recommend you check out to get a better idea of both the recreation and competitive sides of the sport: FLOW Tour - Facebook Feel free to email us or comment again here if you have questions. You can also check out our site for some articles that provide further insight. We hope you give a try a like it!!!

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