Ten Cool Things about Flowboarding
Image Source: FlowBlogger.com

Ten Cool Things about Flowboarding

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Ten Cool Things about Flowboarding

(NOTE: We are not directly affiliated with any flowboarding companies.  We just love riding and talking about it!) Below are ten cool things about the great sport of Flowboarding. ...

(NOTE: We are not directly affiliated with any flowboarding companies.  We just love riding and talking about it!)

Below are ten cool things about the great sport of Flowboarding. We’re sure there are more, but these stand out to us.


Image Source: Millie Clark

Image Source: Millie Clark

Image Source: Flowrider.com

Image Source: Flowrider.com

We at FlowBlogger are here to let you know about the sport we love.  We want to provide some food for thought and share why we feel flowboarding is such fun.  If you have tried it, you already know. For those who have not yet, we suggest to find a nearby venue and try it out.  There are over 180 locations worldwide. The venues include waterparks, cruise ships, resorts, community centers, and businesses. It can be enjoyed by inexperienced casual riders or by hardcore competitors. Flowboarding is quite progressive and riders can continue to learn more complex tricks.  One can use either a flowboard to ride standing up or a bodyboard to ride prone or on knees.  We hope you read this to become more familiar with the sport!

1. It is Adventurous and Fun!

The thrill of riding a board with a sheet wave of water coming at you at 20-30 miles per hour is an exciting experience! For new riders, the initial challenge of staying on the board is fun enough in itself.  Once you get the feel of it, there are an endless amount of tricks you can try to keep it exciting.

Image Source: Austyn Victoria

Image Source: Austyn Victoria

2. It is for All Ages

Almost anyone can do it. There is a height requirement (usually ~42 inches…venues may vary a bit).  Younger children enjoy being on the fast moving water.  It’s also fun seeing how much the parents enjoy watching them do something so cool.  It is easy to identify the parents.  They are the ones smiling ear to ear and taking a video of the child riding!  Teenagers often enjoy leaning tricks and showing off (note #7 below though, lol ).  We have also met several mid-aged and older adults who enjoy the activity. It can provide a ‘water-fix’ for those who live inland.

3. It Can be a Never-Ending Challenge

For those who flowboard as a hobby or sport, the tricks never end. You can continue to pick up new tricks and will enjoy every step of the way.  Even with several years of experience, there is always more and more to learn.  You can never master it all!  Like other boards sports, it is a great way to express yourself and use your imagination.  At times it can seem an art as well as sport.  This sport is different from other ones, and many people who try it love it!

4. It is a Great Way to Meet People

There is something unique about flowboarding and meeting people.  This is especially so for those who pick it up as a sport. You will find that experienced riders are drawn to each other like magnets and have an immediate bond.  We have noticed this many times when going to different wave for the first time.  We quickly end up talking to other riders and sharing cool stories and tricks.  We have made several friends this way.  The passion people have for the sport is easily noticeable and can be contagious!  Even if you don’t speak the same language….who cares.  Flowboarding is its own language and you will connect immediately.

Image Source: Austyn Victoria

Image Source: Austyn Victoria

5. It is Reasonably Safe

You can get hurt doing any physical activity. From our 4+ years of riding experience, the sport seems reasonably safe.  A FlowRider surface is somewhat like a tight trampoline and the moving water also helps to absorb falls.  We advise watching a safety video for valuable advice before riding.  Learning how to fall correctly is important.  There is always risk.  Expect some bumps and bruises if you ride a lot, but we consider this safer than many other sports.

There are also FlowBarrels and SuperTubes.  They rock as well!

6. It is Healthy

You get a lot of physical activity from flowboarding. Just ride for an hour or two for the first time and you will know by the sore muscles the next day.  Bodyboarding will work your arms, chest, back, and core more than you realize.  Riding “Stand up” will work your legs as well.  It is also great for balance and “piece of mind”.  Sometimes it’s neat just to have fun and to be able to enjoy a free spirit!

Image Source: 13roz.com

Image Source: 13roz.com

7. It is Humbling

If you show up thinking it is an easy sport, expect to be humbled quickly!  It’s not as easy as it looks.  It’s fairly easy to stay prone on the boadyboard, but learning to stand up on a flowboard can take some time and several humbling wipeouts.  Expect to fail many times before learning certain tricks.  It is tons of fun, but also requires patience.  Make peace with the fact that the wave often wins and you have won half the battle.  My sons wipe out a few hundred times a year learning new tricks.


8. You Can Look Cool

It looks really cool to pull off tricks. There is a definite “wow factor” when a good rider shows his/her moves in front of a crowd.  Experienced riders get used to people pulling out phones to video them.

9. You Can Build Confidence

Like other sports and activities, flowboarding can build one’s confidence in a number of ways.

  • learning to challenge yourself
  • making friends
  • being accepted in a cool atmosphere
  • getting in better shape
  • learning how to succeed
  • learning how to fail but to keep trying
  • practicing
  • finding your limitations
  • exceeding your expectations through hard work
  • competing in a great environment
  • …and so on


10. You Can Compete

You can complete! Going along with points made in #9, competing can be a great experience!  Some venues host local competitions throughout the year.  Also there is the Pro/Am Flow Series , the FLOW Tour (US FLOW Tour, European FLOW Tour, and Asia FLOW Tour), and the World Flowboarding Championships for those who want to see the best and enjoy an exciting and fun environment.  The tour events are competitive but also fun for any age.  You do not have to be an experienced rider to enjoy it.  There are usually divisions to accommodate all ages and genders, as well as Pros.

We wish venues were mainstream enough for flowboarding to be a school sport. It would be great for students to experience this in a competitive individual and team environment.  It can teach so many life lessons.

Image Source: Flowboarders

Image Source: Flowboarders

BONUS: You Can Use Cool Words

You can use cool words like “stoked”, “dude”, “rad”, “kick flip”, “shuv-it”, “rodeo”, and many more. The surfing and snowboarding attitude somewhat carries over to flowboarding.  You no longer have to live near an ocean or be on a slope to feel comfortable using these words.


Go flowboarding.  It rocks!


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