Interview with Melanie Kelly – World Champion Flowboarder
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Interview with Melanie Kelly – World Champion Flowboarder

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Interview with Melanie Kelly – World Champion Flowboarder

FlowBlogger is excited to share a recent interview with Australian flowboarder and two time defending Women’s World champion (bodyboard) Melanie Kelly. Melanie claimed back-to-back ...

FlowBlogger is excited to share a recent interview with Australian flowboarder and two time defending Women’s World champion (bodyboard) Melanie Kelly. Melanie claimed back-to-back world titles (Bangkok 2015 and Abu Dhabi 2014) at the World Flowboarding Championships (FlowRider).  Melanie is a humble and highly athletic Aussie rider who has mastered the ‘hubcap’, among other complex tricks.  She should be a force on the world flowboarding scene for years to come. Keep up the great work Mel! We hope you all enjoy the interview!


Name: Melanie Kelly

Nickname: Mel

Home Country: Gold Coast, Australia

Current Location: Gold Coast, Australia

Home Waves: I ride at Dreamworld most of the time and occasionally at Wet ‘n’ Wid. Both are in theme parks on the Gold Coast.


  • Left Foot Forward
  • Cartel Board Company Asia
  • Super Duper Surf

Age: 24

Flowboarding Specialty: Bodyboard

Years Flowboarding: A bit over 4 years


  • 2015: World Champion in Pro Female Bodyboard Division
  • 2014: World Champion in Pro Female Bodyboard Division
  • 2013: 1st Place Open Mixed Bodyboard Division at the Asia Flow Tour Finals
  • 2013: Made the Semi-finals in the Pro Mixed Bodyboard at the Asia Flow Tour Finals
Image Source: Flowboarders

Image Source: Flowboarders

Other Sports / Hobbies: I don’t really do much else besides working and flowboarding. When I have time I like to go to the beach or play video games.

Occupation: Duty Manager at Dan Murphy’s

Social Media Pages:

  • I will be making a Facebook Flowboarder page to post my videos etc soon so keep an eye out 🙂
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Image Source:


FlowBlogger: Hi Melanie.  Thanks for meeting with us.  Congratulations on your 2015 World Championship in the Pro Women’s Bodyboard division!  Please tell us about that experience.

MELANIE: Thanks, it was such a great experience. Living in Australia there are no competitions here so the World Championships are my one chance to compete each year so they mean a lot to me. Just being there is awesome and to win is even better. Being able to hang out with all of the other riders and watch them ride is so much fun. Also I don’t know any other sport where if you fall of your board the other competitors run to get your board for you and help you out. It’s just such a great thing to be a part of.

FlowBlogger: What does Flowboarding mean to you?

MELANIE: Flowboarding means alot to me. The first time I had a go on a Flowrider was at a theme park and me and my friends thought it looked like fun so we had a go. It then grew into an addiction and I love it. Most sports you have to train and practise for but with flowboarding people ask me how often I practise and I tell them I don’t practise, I just go and have fun and that’s my ‘practise’. I also love how you can go to a different country and go on a Flowrider and instantly make friends with people and how it brings people together.

FlowBlogger: You are part of a growing and solid group of Australian riders.  Please tell us about the flowboarding atmosphere “Down Under”.

MELANIE: There are some really talented riders in Australia who just ride for fun because having no competitions here makes it hard to get sponsors to help with the costs involved of competing. I am hoping the sport will continue to grow so that we will have competitions here in the future and be able to showcase the talent ‘Down Under’. It’s also really hard in Australia because we don’t have designated venues such as Flow Houses etc so because the FlowRiders are in theme parks it makes it hard. They separate bodyboard and stand up sessions so you can’t always ride the same session with your mates but we still all have a chat in between sessions and stuff. 

FlowBlogger: Your career has allowed you to travel to many places around the world.  What is that like?

MELANIE: I have only been competing for 3 years and been to 3 competitions and they have been the best 3 years of my life. Without flowboarding I wouldn’t have travelled to those places or met all the people I have met so it has been great!

FlowBlogger: “You are one of the pioneering women of the sport to and are pushing it to higher levels.  Please tell us about your passion for flowboarding/bodyboarding.”

MELANIE: I love flowboarding. I wish I could do more of it but when I do get the chance to go it just makes me so happy. Not only riding but helping out younger kids who are on there and seeing the smiles on their faces if they get on their knees or do a spin. It’s awesome to see the happiness that I feel when I learn a new trick.

FlowBlogger: What challenges have you faced to get to this point in your competitive career?

MELANIE: I have faced a lot of challenges but the main one is financially being able to compete. Having to pay to travel to the World Championships, accommodation, time off work, practise time etc adds up quick and because I have to fund all of that myself it makes it very hard. Even if I have to stop competing I will always flowboard for fun anyway. Also I have bone bruising on my right foot which I have had for over 2 years now and it has dramatically affected me improving and learning certain tricks. It hurts when I ride too long in the drop knee position on the board and put too much pressure on it.

FlowBlogger: What would be your dream job?

MELANIE: Anything to do with flowboarding but I would love to work at a Flow House.

FlowBlogger: What personal goals do you have with the sport that you wish to share?

MELANIE: I have achieved more than what I ever thought I would when I started flowboarding so I would just like to continue to do everything I can to grow the sport especially by getting more females involved.

FlowBlogger: When it comes to flowboarding, what keeps you motivated?

MELANIE: I get so much enjoyment out of flowboarding so that is my motivation.

FlowBlogger: Please share an amazing memory you have from the sport.

MELANIE: Travelling to my first World Championships in 2014 and sitting at breakfast with all of these people who were my idols and champions in the sport was incredible. Then to go on to win my division will be a memory I will remember forever.

FlowBlogger: Where do you hope to see the sport five years from now?

MELANIE: I hope to see competitions in Australia and I hope for more designated FlowRider venues to be built.

FlowBlogger: What is your favorite trick?

MELANIE: I love doing lots of hub caps in a row. My record is 18.

FlowBlogger: What trick do you struggle with?

MELANIE: I really struggle with shuvs because of my bone bruising it hurts to push down in that position to get the pop I need to do them.

FlowBlogger: “You have had a very successful career to this point and hopefully more to come.  Do you have any advice for others who will see this?”

MELANIE: Have a go! Going to my first World Championships I was only going for the experience and never thought I was going to win so just go out there and have fun.

FlowBlogger: Melanie, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us.  Do you have any final comments to share?

MELANIE: Thanks for the opportunity 🙂


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